1. Magnificent urban park
2.Significant art residence
3. Young artists

Three crucial elements that define the contemporary arts institution. The school is open to the park, complements the existing building with appropriate form and scale and offers endless flexibility for the present and future needs of the performers, artists, their professors and audience. We present a new arts center that prepares talented individuals for their future careers.

1. Play in the garden
We see the immediate presence of the park as a challenging opportunity for a joyful connection between inside and outside, the school and the visitor, the performing and the visiting, the planned and the accidental. We place the building, choose its materials and layout based on careful study and thorough understanding the park complexity.

2. Existing residence
We carefuly preserve the appearance of the existing facility as a symbol of the institution giving it a historically rooted identity. Formerly residential typology has limited ability to fully respond to the fundamental needs of the new arts center. While some of the demanding program needs are relocated to the new building, the existing remains a recognizable gateway with smaller classrooms and supporting spaces. The present a new building with striking simplicity, timeless essential design, flexible and valid.

3. Young Artists
What better point of view on the project than that of its future users? Children, students, young artists that employ their talent and instantly fill the garden with movement, color, sound and performance. The faculty that provides guidance and steers the institution towards new endeavors. The parents, the relatives, the friends, the audience that witness the performance, the show and the exhibitions. The random visitors and passers-by accidentally captured by a sudden act in the garden.
For all these participants we present a revolutionary platform that spontaneously and naturally enables, supports and promotes the complex functions of the art institution.


Project team:
Hana Kropacova and Irena Kulata