235: Sao Paulo selected for publication in Abstract, Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation’s annual publication of student work.

Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation
Columbia University
ISBN 1-883584-68-X

Pier Museum Miami has won the Best Student Work of 2009
in the national Architect Award Czech Republic.
The project was awarded the first prize and was featured in various shows in 2009 – 2010.


Jury’s assessment:
Museum’s strong solution concept is dominated by main “exhibit” which is an open sea horizon following the urban structure of neighboring seat. A pier representing port as well as bridge leading towards freedom, museum of refugees as a hand offered to the one who is drowning. Clear and legible spatial arrangement. Work with light and sea breaker. Project with a strong inner story.

B4.c.6 has been selected among 12 other projects as the best built work of 2009 in the national Architect Award.


Jury argumentation:
A good example of complex reconstruction of a flat maintaining peripheral walls, window gaps, doors and supporting steel concrete post in the middle of the facility. Newly designed arrangement and separation of free space by new dividing walls in orange color creates an open environment for two young people enabling them to separate some parts of the flat. The feeling of an open space is emphasized by lighting situated next to the upper edge of the orange walls – boxes. According to the technical report the interior loosely merges into an open terrace overlooking remarkable skyline of Olomouc cathedrals in front of Jeseníky Mountains.