“I have worked in many places all over the world, leading workshops, rehearsing or performing, but I find the space of the renovated Sokolovna one of the most beautiful and functional places for work. It has just the right isolation and tranquility, clear and pure design ready for your input and creativity, to be “painted”over by your body, voice as an empty white canvas. It is surrounded by nature. Every window frames the picture of a tree, a field, a small forest, or the little village it is in.”

“In the same time it has all the comfort so much needed for good and dedicated work, but is also inspirational for the space itself has a lot of different angles and levels. Beautiful rooms, bathrooms, an amazing kitchen, even a lawn and garden where we could work, eat or just sit and enjoy the starry nights or wide blue skies.”

“The light in the room for work is amazing, coming from the huge windows. I come back with pleasure every time, curious of what picture we will paint this time, on the white canvas of the rooms of Sokolovna.”

Sanja Krsmanović Tasić