New view of the wine country, its stunning landscape, rolling hills, landmarks and above all, its endless wine yards. There must be a tower, the predominant desire to create a mark of human presence keeps asking for it. There it is, in proportions of our masters and at the tip of the elevated peninsula ridge. Adjacent to the monument is an efficient accommodation and restaurant for the modern pilgrims and wayfarers. The complex is finished in Czech granite, naturally warm color due to high level of iron. The color of the resort is matching the local South Moravian limestone.. as seen across the valley in the Holy Hill of Mikulov, as if it itself was a bold tip of the ancient mountain.

Location: South Moravia, Czech Republic
Status: Competition

Project team:
Assunta Anna Di Iorio, Tiziana Donadio, Hana Hucikova, Tullio Polisi