Secret Garden

location: New York, NY
status: Built project


A flexible space in the heart of New York’s most prominent borough. Grand and capable. Revolutionary in potential, simple in appearance, achieved by modest means. Form that follows more than its function. A lot more.

At first, it is a comforting garden-like atmosphere that blurs the limits between inside and outside. In minutes it easily transforms into a full-size gathering space, meeting point, formal dinner place, gallery to introduce new artists.



Light. Essential in articulating the space, controlled by careful selection of low iron acid etched glass and remotely controlled shading system. Operable panels for natural ventilation.

Flexibility. Like a Swiss knife with every leaf opened, new function arises. The platform is not just a floor but rather a carefully composed assembly of storage spaces for various furnishing. Access to them is quick and easy through hinged or fitted panels. Within minutes the garden can transform into a gallery with beautiful soft light or host a large gathering under the sky.

Materials. Naturally effortless. Sustainable. Bamboo floor for its longevity, durability; for its rich texture. Rapidly renewable resource with low maintenance. Simply beautiful. White wall that absorbs all surrounding colors and creates display surfaces for exhibition. Energy saving LED fixtures.

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