Ostrava Concert Hall


The city of Ostrava in the Czech Republic will build a new 1,300 seat concert hall and 475 seat chamber hall. Both halls will feature excellent acoustic solution for both acoustic and amplified performances. Chamber hall adds flexible layout for wide range of cultural and social events.

The new hall is sited adjacent to the existing 20th century Cultural Center. The concept of a “perfect acoustic instrument in its case” is proposed for Ostrava’s Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra, the leading Czech orchestra for commissioning Contemporary Music.

The Concert Hall faces the existing Park to the North, thus minimizing noise from the main boulevard to the South. A new entrance hovers over the Esplanade and transports the public above the historic House of Culture into a sky-lit lobby for the Concert Hall. The dramatic complimentary contrast of old and new creates a Cultural Landmark for Ostrava. The new architecture points to the future of the city of Ostrava.


Design Team:
Architecture Acts
Hana Petrikova, Martin Kropac, Tullio Polisi, David Lasek, Klara Zugarova, Miarianna Antoniadou, Hana Hucikova, Tiziana Tasca, Alessia Capone

Steven Holl Architects
Steven Holl, Dimitra Tsachrelia, Olaf Schmidt, Lirong Tan, Sarah Schlegelmilch, Paul Hazelet

location: Moravia – Silesia, CZ
status: Schematic Design completed

images courtesy of Steven Holl Architects & Architecture Acts