Berlin Block Revisited


location: Berlin
status: Unbuilt

Berlin block Revisited is a reaction to the existing natural boundaries : Berlin river Spree, Berlin wall, car traffic and train traffic. The main concept is based on parkour “the art of displacement”. By disregarding natural boundaries new plan for the empty site is proposed. Berlin blocks proposed on the site take the same parameters as typical dwelling from the 18th and 19th century ( width, height of the block). Blocks run through the boundaries and create unique spaces inside and outside of the blocks. The so called “inner block” now becomes the main happening ( street, train, river, berlin wall) and the outside of the block act as a more private green space. Same concept takes on the structure itself. Weaving through the stories of the building one can enter on the corner and find himself overlooking the berlin wall, bowling above the trains running below or fishing in the middle of the block above the river.

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