Design IV

School of Architecture and Design New York Institute of Technology Spring 2015
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Museum Line

location: New York City status: Competition 2010
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Water Palace

location: Lower East Side, New York status: Competition   Water Palace maintains the existing social interactions and offers new unexpected encounters. It is an assemblage of autonomous elements composed as one continuous journey. The order of the narrative is, however, a choice of the users who construct their own personal story. Conceived as a catalog of spatial experiences, the individual components are designed separately before constituting the whole. The geometry is inspired by the documented existing morphology found in the neighborhood. The project goal is to support the existing social encounters and to introduce new events to enhance the unique atmosphere of Alphabet City. WP is a multi-purpose building in Alphabet City, a neighborhood located in the Lower East Side of New York City. It promotes cultural, educational and physical activities in the City. The assemblage consists of wide range of spatial experiences and offers swimming pools, warm baths, hot baths, wet and dry sauna, a skating rink, an oyster bar, a sky deck restaurant, an outdoor cafe and most importantly, a multi-level public park, an extension of an existing community garden with a festival theater. Objects, shapes, buildings and structures documented in a Catalogue of Found Components demonstrate the […]
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